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Written by / October 1, 2019 / Posted in Patio & Outdoor Furniture

Indoor Patio Furniture Ideas

outdoor table indoors set for dinner

Does bringing outdoor furniture inside sound strange? It’s more popular and easier to do than you might think!

More homeowners are finding creative ways to arrange and use their indoor-outdoor furniture and we have some ideas to help bring your outdoor furniture inside for maximum use.

Why Use Indoor-Outdoor Furniture?

While it might seem a little unorthodox, there are a few reasons why turning outdoor patio furniture into indoor patio furniture makes total sense.

Here are just a few reasons to bring the outdoor elements into your home:

  • Patio furniture is extremely durable. When something is made to withstand the elements, it’s generally built tough. Patio furniture can take on heavy rain, high winds and the hot sun. So, you can rest easy that your outdoor indoor furniture can survive whatever your kids or animals can throw at it.
  • Less expensive. Do you hate spending an extortionate amount of money on furniture every few years? Then consider buying some indoor-outdoor patio furniture. Not only does it last longer, but patio furniture is also much less expensive than what a standard living room or rec room can set you back.
  • A theme that never goes out of style. Few people out there have ever said, ­“I hate the outdoors and I don’t want to be reminded of it.” The feeling of being outdoors and away from the daily stresses of life is always a great mind space to be in. The beach, cottage or forest themes associated with outdoor furniture are a classic look that many people love to indulge in.[1]

Indoor Patio Furniture Ideas

Here are just a few ideas on how to bring a bit of the outdoors inside of your home.

Safe Space for Kids

Whether they’re just learning to walk or are busy making crafts, the safety and strength that most outdoor furniture offers is perfect for kids of all ages. Most wicker or plastic furniture is much safer for kids to be around than standard household furniture, and can be arranged in a variety of ways to make it accessible for everyone to enjoy.

A Unique Oasis

When it comes to a desire to go against the grain with a part of your home’s décor, try adding some indoor-outdoor patio furniture to a sitting room or area that you want to designate with a specific theme to create something truly out of the ordinary. Perhaps a small bistro set can add to a Parisian feel you want to recreate, or add a few neutral or white elegant wicker lounge chairs or couches to your living room to give it an airy, beachy vibe.

Outdoor furniture comes in so many colours, shapes and designs, that you can truly design an extraordinary area that speaks to you and your family’s personality and fond memories.

An Entertainment Hot Spot

Use your outdoor patio furniture to create a vibrant space where your family and friends can play games, cards, billiards and just have fun. Maybe your new games room can include a ping pong or foosball table with some stylish outdoor chairs and side tables for drinks and snacks.

You can even turn an empty part of your basement into the ultimate chill zone without having to make any new purchases. Just use your outdoor chairs and lounge furniture inside.[2]

If you’re looking for help with indoor patio furniture ideas and additional ways to transform your home, contact the leisure specialists at Oakville Home Leisure.


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