Teak is a popular choice for homeowners because it is among the strongest and most durable of all hardwoods. This durability makes it the optimal choice for outdoor furniture.

Benefits to Having Teak in Your Yard

A few of the major benefits of owning quality teak outdoor furniture includes:

  • Strength: Teak can withstand extreme temperatures, which makes it an excellent choice to survive Oakville’s weather. Also, teak does not suffer from rot, an incredible quality which allows it to last a lifetime.
  • Beauty: Teak is an extremely attractive hardwood in both colour and grain. It comes in a vast array of styles that can suit the design of any space. When left in its natural colour it is neutral and blends well with accent pieces.
  • Diversity: Besides being strong and beautiful, teak is also very adaptable. It can be used on a back patio, front porch or at your cottage.

Other Teak Outdoor Furniture Options

Teak doesn’t just make an excellent outdoor furniture set. You can get individual pieces of outdoor furniture in teak, for use inside or outside. From teak garden furniture to teak patio furniture, many teak options can be purchased from Oakville Home Leisure – including:

  • Garden furniture
  • Kitchen tables
  • Patio furniture
  • Coffee tables
  • Benches
  • Side tables
  • Ottomans

Contact us at Oakville Home Leisure to discuss your teak outdoor furniture set options, as well as many other incredible patio furniture ideas.