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BPONG is the visionary company that has formalized that most informal of games: beer pong. If you’re use to playing on any old table and setting up the game willy nilly get ready for a well prepared and professional looking game. What you’ll find here goes far beyond what you played in college and makes the game official. If it were any more serious it would be a sport!


The general setup of the game first involves a table. You have 2 to choose from:

  • 8 foot BPONG Table
  • 8 foot BPONG table – Splatter Edition

Both of these 8 foot long tables offer the same playing surface: an 8 foot by 2 foot table that is 27.75 inches tall. Believe it or not these table meet the specifications of the tables used at The World Series of Beer Pong. Yes, it exists! The difference between the two is the durable design featured under the protective finish.

Other useful features of the table include:

  • Folds in half for storage to be 4 feet by 2 feet by 8.75 feet
  • Sturdy hand constructed craftsmanship
  • Carrying handles for easy transportation

What else will you need? Balls and cups! The game is played with cups arranged in a triangle and a beer pong ball. The cups are full of your beverage of choice. You can purchase these in the following amounts:

  • 24 pack of BPONG balls
  • 6 pack of BPONG balls
  • 36 Pack of BPONG cups
  • 2 BPONG balls and 22 cups

Having plenty of these on hand will keep the game going when things get a little messy. The cups are also handy for general drinking usage!


Typically you will arrange 10 cups in the shape of a triangle at either end of a table with the two triangles ‘pointing’ at one another. You fill the cups with the desired amount of beer or other beverage you choose. 24 ounces is usually used per 10 cups.

You then have 2 teams of 2 players each alternating between bouncing the beer pong ball into the opponents cups. When you successfully land a ball in a cup your opponent must drink it. The team that eliminates all of their opponents cups first is the winner!

If you’re looking for a game that can liven up some late night parties then browse the product descriptions above, or contact us at Oakville Home Leisure today for help picking out the right BPONG products for your home.