Wicker furniture has been a popular furniture choice for homes inside and out. In the last few decades, it has been especially popular outdoors. Besides being distinct, easy to maneuver and comfortable, wicker furniture offers some benefits, including:

  • Compatible: Because of its array of styles and colours, wicker furniture can go with whatever design style or look you wish. Also, neutral wicker goes well with any colour of cushions or accent pieces you may have.
  • Longevity: New synthetic wicker is made to maintain its beauty through all sorts of elements, including rain and harsh sunlight. It also dries quickly and stays cool when you sit on it in the hot sun.
  • Value: Not only do you get beautiful and distinct pieces when you buy wicker furniture, but you also get to have it for years to come. You won’t have to replace it every year or two.

Real Wicker Outdoor Furniture vs. Modern Resin Wicker

Almost all outdoor wicker furniture that you can buy is made up of synthetic resins. Natural wicker isn’t available for outdoor purposes because it is fragile and susceptible to rain, snow and moisture. Make sure you know whether you’ll be placing your furniture indoors or outdoors, and which type of wicker you’re buying.

Choose the Right Wicker Patio Furniture for Your Home

There are so many choices when it comes to wicker furniture. Chairs, loungers, love seats, tables and ottomans are only a few of the options. Make sure you find the pieces that best work for you and your space. Oakville Home Leisure only carries the top brands of wicker furniture, including:

  • CabanaCoast
  • Ebel
  • Kingsley Bate

If you’re looking for outdoor wicker furniture, make sure you contact us at Oakville Home Leisure, to find the furniture that best suits your needs and space.