A well outfitted game room will always include a well made, high quality and properly accessorized billiard or pool table. These tables can accommodate some of the most popular indoor games in the World. The models you can choose from at Oakville Home Leisure are some of the most long lasting and beautiful models on the market.

Here is a list of the models offered by the 2 manufacturers we deal with:

Connelly Billiards

We offer so many tables from Connelly Billiards that they will be listed by collection only. Each collection has 6-18 models to choose from, with the exception of ‘The Ultimate Table’ line because they are so exceptional in general!

Connelly Collection

This entry level price point option is no entry level quality table! All of these tables are up to very high standards. Their simplistic style lends them well to be playing hard and often.

Plateau Collection

This mid range table offers many beautiful designs and wood options. Every model is an eye catcher that you can still feel good about playing every day with friends.

Pinnacle Collection

This is the model line with the widest range of tables to choose from. There are intricately carved exotic woods, different felt colour options to match your home decor and some pieces are pure jaw droppers that you’ll swear are museum pieces!

The Ultimate Table

The two tables under this category were designed with that word in mind: Ultimate. They offer the best in design, playability and elegant looks. You will find 6 legged solid wood construction, mother of pearl inlays, leather pockets and sturdy 2” thick genuine slate playing surfaces.

Please browse all of our pool and billiard tables in the product categories above. Contact us at Oakville Home Leisure for any help you may require in your selection process.