An outdoor firepit helps you gather people around, an act that humans have been doing for as long as we’ve been able to rub 2 sticks together. Choose the outdoor firepit that will have you warm and with friends on cool nights today.

Gathering around a fire is an essential part of the human experience. It still goes on today at barbecues, campfires and around the Christmas yule log. You can safely bring home this most easily of translated experiences in your own backyard.

Choosing a beautiful outdoor firepit has two main benefits:

  • Safety over an open fire
  • An impressive appearance when compared to a blackened hole in the ground

These are two important factors you should really consider when you’re looking to set up a fire in your backyard.


A flame that isn’t properly contained can spread. This is a major hazard in the dry summer months when they are commonly used. You can help to keep your neighbourhood safe by choosing high quality outdoor firepit product.


While you’re having an open fire on the ground it looks great, the red, yellow and orange flames flickering and changing are mesmerizing. The next day, however, you’re left with a charred and black hole in your yard!

Installing and always using a manufactured fire pit will make it so you never have this eyesore in your yard. Consider it an investment in the beautification of your home!


Two excellent manufacturers that you can choose from are OW Lee Casual and Cabana Coast outdoor firepits. Both of them feature round and square options that look like tables until you remove the cover from the centre flame area. Picture you, your family and your friends all sitting comfortable at night fire with a well controlled flame between you to keep you warm and maybe cook a s’more or two!

Browse the product descriptions above to find the firepit or fire table that is right for your home, or contact us at Oakville Home Leisure today for our help.