Start Relaxing in your Natural Oasis

All-weather wicker patio furniture is a great choice for furnishing your outdoor living space, whether you’re creating a relaxing outdoor living room, or an impressive outdoor bar.  It is a material that looks elegant, but can stand up to the wear and tear of heavy use, wet bathing suits, and stacking and moving.

Why Choose Wicker?


The woven construction gives furniture made with this popular material a great deal of sturdiness. Our all-weather material maintains its strength for many years, as it does not split, crack or break down in any way.


Although this material is extremely strong, its construction makes it so that is has a bit of give when you sit down in a chair or loveseat. This makes it much more comfortable than plastic lawn chairs.

Natural Appearance

The earth tones and muted appearance of rattan allow it to blend in with the natural setting of your outdoor oasis. This material works for every landscape style.

Weather Resistance

The weather resistant properties of all-weather rattan keep your pieces looking new for years. They are rain, snow, and moisture repellant, so it maintains its elasticity and provides you with a long lifetime of use.


You can move your patio set around with ease as a result of its lightweight material. Whether you’re bringing out extra chairs to host a large number of guests, or moving your chaise lounge into the sun, you will be able to do so quickly and quietly.

View our extensive selection of wicker patio furniture sets above to select the pieces that will enhance your backyard relaxing and entertaining.