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Written by / August 1, 2019 / Posted in Patio & Outdoor Furniture Maintenance

Best Material for Outdoor Furniture Covers

Outdoor Furniture Covers

Outdoor patio furniture can transform a simple patio or yard into a comfortable space to enjoy the outdoors throughout the year. Patio furniture can quickly elevate the aesthetic of a yard if arranged well and correctly protected.

If you’re like most people who usually leave their patio furniture outside through each season, your furniture will be constantly exposed to potential damage from sun, wind, rain and snow. Without protection, the sun may cause fading and prolonged exposure to all of the elements is more likely to wear down the structure or material further. This may lead you to wonder, “Do I need to protect my patio furniture?”

It’s absolutely a good idea to properly protect your patio furniture to help maintain its condition and extend longevity. Although patio furniture is generally constructed to be able to handle outdoor conditions, utilizing outdoor furniture covers will help minimize deterioration and ensure that your furniture maintains its appearance for many years.

Patio furniture is an investment worth protecting, so which outdoor furniture cover material is best? The following guide will help you choose the right material for your patio set.

What to Look for in Patio Furniture Cover Material

Water Resistance

Water Droplets

Polyester is an ideal material to look for when searching for outdoor furniture cover material. This material is strong and durable enough to protect an outdoor patio set from damage that can be caused by rain or snow.

Some covers may be highly water resistant but to prevent water damage it is best to find polyester furniture covers that have been treated to a degree that they are waterproof.


The weight of the material is another aspect to consider when searching for patio covers. A cover made of a flimsy material is not going to be useful as the wind will carry it away and rain, snow or ice can easily get through the cover and damage the furniture that should be protected.

Other coverings may be too heavy and bulky, making it complicated to cover and uncover the furniture and can take up excessive space in storage. Polyester is an ideal weight as it is durable enough to protect the furniture without being so heavy or bulky that it becomes impractical. Also, keep in mind outdoor covers with a drawstring will help reduce the possibility of blowing off in the wind.


Outdoor furniture covers should also be breathable. If the material does not breathe, the air inside will get too dry and musty. This can cause the material on the furniture below to absorb the musty scent over time. A cover that is not breathable can create a space for mold or mildew to grow under the protective covering.

While strong durable material is required to keep out the effects of wet or cold weather, it also should have proper ventilation to prevent negative effects from developing below the covering.

Patio Furniture Cover Storage

Proper material for patio furniture coverings should be effective through the changing of seasons, keeping the furniture below safe from outside damage. A treated polyester covering is durable enough to survive different weather conditions, light enough to be practical and easy to store and breathable enough to keep the furniture below from being damaged by stale air, mold or mildew.

A lightweight polyester cover is also easier to fold and store in an outdoor shed, bin or the garage. Make sure that the covers are dry, clean and free of debris before you fold them, and put them in a waterproof container to keep out excess moisture and pests.

Reach out to the team at Oakville Home Leisure to speak with experts who can assist you in finding the covers you need to keep your patio furniture in pristine condition so your outdoor space can stay looking fresh.

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