Building the ultimate games room starts with the big purchases: a gaming table such as a pool table, poker table or foosball table, some tables and chairs for entertaining and a few eye catching decor pieces. With these in place you need to look into the details and for those with a pool table you should consider the billiards accessories that will take your home to the next level for that pool hall feeling.

There are two main categories of accessories for improving your playing experience: billiard balls and scoreboards. The right kind of balls can not only improve your game but can also allow you to play different types of cue sports. Scoreboards are great for letting everyone know who’s winning!

Billiard Balls

You can choose from 4 different sets of billiards balls that allow you to play 2 different games:

  • 2 1/4 inch pool balls
  • 2 1/16th inch pool balls
  • 2 1/4 inch snooker balls

You can choose the larger or smaller size depending on your playing preferences. 2 1/4 inch balls are the standard size used across North America for traditional pool games. Snooker balls are traditionally 2 1/16th inch, but having options allows you to adjust the balls to how you like to play.

Practice and training balls

Once you have the perfect set of billiard or snooker balls there are practice and training balls that you can use when you are by yourself working on your game. You can choose from:

  • The Pro Cup cue ball
  • The Snooker Champion practice ball
  • The Jim Rempe training ball
  • The Q-Tru training ball
  • The Leopard 9 ball from Aramith that allows you to play 9-ball pool

These training balls will allow you to work on your game without putting wear on the balls you use at parties and mini tournaments with your friends and family. The training balls themselves have features that will help you train so that you fine tune your shot and learn new skills. The Pro Cup cue ball is of high quality and will make your shots as accurate as you are capable of shooting them. And for variety’s sake, a 9 ball lets you and your friends play a new game to keep things fresh, exciting and challenging.


When you are all practiced up you want everyone to know you’re winning, right? A well placed and bright scoreboard will do just that for you. There are three types we offer: a standard Billiard Parlour style, one which can track billiards and darts scores and a third that can also double as a ball holder. No matter which you choose you’ll be letting everyone know the score and look great doing it.

For all the accessories you need for your pool table and games room please browse the product categories above. If you require any assistance at all, contact us at Oakville Home Leisure today and we will be happy to guide you.