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Having the right accessories for your ping pong table will make your next match all the more enjoyable. Some can even prolong the lifespan of the table so you can enjoy these great matches for years to come.


The accessory that most people change up often is the paddle itself. Different paddles are designed for different purposes. Which one you should get depends on what you need your paddle to do. The models on offer form Kettler have the following features by model:

  • GT45 TT is designed for those who need help with control. It has a slower speed and less spin can be applied
  • GT55 TT is a faster racquet that allows for more speed but puts the control more in your own hands.
  • GT65 TT this is for more developed entry level players. It has moderate speed and spin capabilities and the same control level as the GT55 TT
  • GTX75 TT has been designed with the experienced all around player in mind. It offers increased speed and allows a skilled player to drop shots with prescision
  • GTX85TT raquets are for the skilled players just starting out in their playing career. Speed and control are evenly matched with increased ability to create spin
  • GTX95 TT are designed for the highest skilled players who want to attack opponents and perform precise defensive actions. Speed is at maximum and control and spin are perfectly suited to this level of skill

Ping pong balls

The next most often changed accessory that directly affects matches are balls. They are highly regulated for professional matches to maintain consistency. The official balls must be 2.7 grams with a 40mm diameter that bounces 24-26cm when dropped from a height of 30.5cm. Balls that do not meet this standard aren’t really worth your time if you want to really play the sport.

Life prolonging accessories

Having accesories around that allow you to keep your table lasting for years is a great idea. Protect your investment and enjoy high quality games for years to come.

A replacement net is good to have handy just in case accidents happen! You wouldn’t want to have to stop and go to the store in the middle of a great match, so have one nearby to keep the fun going.

A table cover is designed to protect the surface of the table while it is folded up. A quality cover will:

  • Be of a heavy duty material
  • Have a breathable synthetic fibre weave
  • Protect against dust, dirt, weather and damage
  • Be perfectly fitted for the table it is put on

Be sure you cover meets these criteria for one that will best protect your table.

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