How to Choose the Best Billiard Table

Every billiard table out there is a little different. The style, function, and quality of each are different. What is the right mix for your game room and your priorities? We’ll walk you through how to choose the best billiard table by explaining each of the comparison points. Size The most important factor to nail […]

How to Repair/Care for Pool Table Felt

Playing pool is a fun pastime. Some enjoy shooting on their own, whereas others enjoy playing with friends and family. In many cases, individuals end up purchasing pool tables for their own homes, making it easier for them to enjoy it at their leisure.   Although pool tables are excellent to have, they can wear […]

Bring Home Fun for the Holidays This Year

It might seem a bit early (and tacky) to talk about Christmas right now, but for the sake of spreading out your expenses this year, we’re going to risk it. Lots of families shower the kids with a towering pile of smallish gifts. Lots of things to open Christmas morning is fun. A big, impressive […]

How to Tell a Billiards Table is High Quality

The game of pool has been around for centuries. Many families are learning that purchasing a pool table will offer hours of entertainment for everyone. Whether you are an avid pool enthusiast or a homeowner looking for a table for the family, it is important to look for quality. Buying a table that is built […]

What’s the Difference Between Pool and Snooker?

Similar Origins Both pool and snooker derive from the game of billiards, which began sometime in the 15th century as a form of indoor croquet. Pool was popularized in America in the early 19th century. Few people could afford their own pool table, but public betting houses installed tables to entertain bettors between events and […]

How to protect your pool table from damage when moving

Thanks to their slate tops and sturdy construction, pool tables are extremely heavy, and moving one takes a lot of brawn and patience to prevent damage to the slate, felt and frame. That’s why when it’s time to move a pool table, many people choose to hire a professional pool table mover to handle the […]

How to Clean a Felt Pool Table Top

Keeping your pool table’s felt top clean is important for maintaining both the table’s appearance and its play quality. Because table felt is somewhat delicate, however, when it comes to cleaning, less is more. The best way to clean your table’s felt top is to brush it periodically, vacuum it occasionally and take measures to […]

The 5 Best Games to Play on Your Pool Tables

Own a billiards table? There’s no reason to limit yourself to traditional play. In fact, you can have a lot more fun by adding one or two hybrid games to your repertoire! Here are a few to get you started: One-pocket The objective of this two-player game is to rack up points by pocketing balls […]