Comfort and Elegance

Cast aluminum patio furniture is a great choice for both aesthetics and maintenance, as it combines the look of iron and the ease of aluminum. When you invest into good pieces, they will last you for many years. Oakville Home Leisure carries the greatest line up of quality seating from the most highly regarded patio furniture brands:

  • Cabana Coast
  • Ebel
  • Gensun

Why Choose Cast Aluminum?

There are many qualities that make this material an excellent choice for outdoor seating, in addition to the wide selection of design styles available.

  • Strength and durability
  • Easy to move
  • Stackable without risk of damage or warping
  • Rust and weather corrosion proof

Why Choose Wrought Aluminum ?

This material can be a great choice for homeowners looking for artistic looking, long lasting pieces without breaking the bank. There are many reasons why someone might opt to purchase products fabricated from this resilient material.

Choose this material if:

  • You love the look of iron but not the maintenance requirements
  • You move your patio sets around often
  • You appreciate intricate detailing
  • You do not want to invest into pricey iron pieces

Long Lasting Investment into Backyard Comfort

As a result of the material’s rust proof quality and its timeless appearance, a onetime investment into furnishing your backyard should last your lifetime. If you tire of the look of your pieces, they can be easily and affordably updated by changing the cushions.

Setting up Your Outdoor Living Space

Create your outdoor living space using the pieces that will enhance relaxation or encourage conversation. Once you define how you would like your outdoor property used, you can select from hundreds of the best quality products to find the ones that fit your needs best.

Maintaining your Wrought and Cast Pieces

There is no special maintenance required by this material. To keep it looking clean, a quick wipe down with a soft cloth and soapy water is all that’s required. Certain lotions and oils might corrode the material over time, so regular cleaning- at least twice annually- will help to keep it looking like new.

Select your Products and Start Relaxing

Browse our product pages to view the dozens of styles that we offer you, visit our showroom to try them out, or contact Oakville Home Leisure for help selecting the right piece for your back or front yard.