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Foosball, also known as table football and table soccer is a game played on a tabletop platform that is based on the sport of soccer. It is played with figures that mimic soccer players that are mounted to rods that spin around and move back and forth. The object of this fast paced game is to score a goal in the opponents net, just like real soccer!

Top manufacturers

The two most well known manufacturers of foosball tables are Garlando and Valley Dynamo. They each offer tables that meet certain needs in the market. Here is a look at what they can do in your home.

Garlando Foosball Table G500

These table was actually designed for outdoor use. Put it on your patio, next to your pool or down by the barbeque. Features that allow it to last a long time outdoors include:

  • 16mm telescopic rods made with a high resistance cold drawn steel that is plated with 15 microns of anti-rust chromium
  • A 1/4 inch cabinet that is marine quality thanks to it being coated with a plastic laminate. This is made all the more water resistant with a special water proof glue
  • Silk screened lines that are printed using a special ink that will not fade under the sun or be damaged by moisture
  • Players that are guaranteed to be unbreakable

Garlando Foosball Table G500 Evolution

This top selling table boasts many of the same features of the regular G500 with the addition of:

  • A 1 inch thick MDF butcher block cabinet
  • Nylon encased ball-bearing bushings
  • Heavy duty 4 by 4 inch metal legs with an attractive silver coating
  • A green playing field with silk-screen printed white lines

Garlando Foosball Table G5000

This commercial grade table is available to the home market. All of the beefed up strength features you’d expect of a table that undergoes routine abuse is here. Those features include:

  • A multi-layer plywood that is coated with a plastic laminate
  • Metal plates and brackets that hold it together
  • Hard beech wood legs
  • The playing surface is covered by a tempered glass which reduces noise, play late night games without waking the family