Having more than one game around for your family and friends to play is an important part of keeping the good times going. If you have a small area to work with a dart board can be the perfect answer. All the space it takes is the wall space and a clear area for the players to throw.

Playing darts

The game itself is easy to understand, quick to get the basics down and takes a lifetime to master! This is a perfect combination that keeps your guests interested in playing and keeps them occupied for hours.

Featured boards

You can choose from two of the best boards on the market: Unicorn’s Radius and Winmau’s Blade 4.

Unicorn Radius

Unicon has been in the dartboard business for over 75 years. Their constant innovation and refinements have lead to the development of the Radius dartboard. This Tournament quality bristle board has key features that help it stand out from the crowd:

  • An integrated spider construction
  • Double pyramid radial wires that are designed to help hold the spider securely in place
  • Ellipsed section circumferential wires that will increase the playing area and eliminate the problem of twisting
  • A staple free bullseye

The thin wires of the board increase the scoring area and help to reduce bounce back. It’s like automatically gaining points over a conventionally thick wired board!

Winmau Blade 4

This is a completely staple free professional level board that prides itself on the revolutionary wiring system they feature, which is now in its 4th generation. This wire system greatly reduces bounce back with these design features:

  • Being over 50% thinner for best in class performance and maximum scoring potential
  • Having an engineered design that deflect darts into the target area with many fewer bounce backs
  • A galvanized blade spider with a high-density sisal

One of the more hidden benefits is that this board has very bright and bold colours. You’ll get a better view when the lights are a bit dimmer. When you think about it, that is the natural state of a games room isn’t it? Dim lights create a relaxed atmosphere.

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