How to Decorate a Billiards Room

Pool Table

Are you thinking of decorating your billiard room or games room? There are many ways to spruce up the space and make it more lively and delightful. First, we suggest you think about whether you want your room to look like a classic pool hall, or something more modern and clean. Whatever style you choose, you can use the following décor elements to complete the  space. 

Wall Décor 

Are the walls in your billiards room a little plain? You can add wallpaper and interesting textures, but these tend to date your style over time. It’s better to invest in wall décor pieces that you can change out as you see fit and that won’t overwhelm the space. A lot of traditionally themed billiards wall colours are dark, but wall décor is a great option to get traditional looks without darkening the space. 

If you’re looking for a semi-classic billiards room look with some more modern elements, investing in one or two wall décor elements and placing them on neutral walls can give you the right balance. 

Common billiards room wall décor options include:   

  • Decorative ball and cue holders 
  • Decorative billiards-themed coat rack 
  • Wall clocks 
  • Drinking and party-themed pieces 
  • Clever, humorous pieces 

Take a look through our billiards room wall décor selection to find options that work with your personal style. 


Characters are the staple of the traditional billiards room. Whether they sit at the bar as a waiter character or next to the table, characters bring delight and humour to the room. There is a range of animal and human characters to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that brings you joy. The most traditional option is a human butler figure in traditional dress. However, you can find other options like Monkey Tissue Holders, Parrot Waiters, and even Alligator Waiters. Of course, you’ll also find dog characters ready to be your personal best friend. 

Other Elements of a Billiards Rooms 

Game Room

There are many other elements of a billiards room that you may want to explore to complete the look. Here are some options to get you inspired: 

  • Lighting: The lighting that hangs over a billiards table becomes a focal point of the room. It’s worth looking into multiple options, from traditional 1960s lamps to modern chandeliers.  
  • Sofas: The spot where you relax also takes up a lot of visual space in the room and is worth considering. Traditionally, people opt for leather. However, super-soft materials in dark colours are also great choices. 

Want to bring the fun of a billiards hall to your home, but don’t know where to start? The experts at Oakville Home Leisure will help you achieve your dream billiards hall at home.