Wall Décor

Outfitting your game room doesn’t stop at the games you play in there. You also have to decorate it to give it a truly warm and welcoming feeling. No one wants to hang out in a bare walled pool hall, and few poker games are played in gray walled casinos. Don’t let your home be a bore, create some excitement with unique and quirky wall decor.

There is a wide variety of wall decor available for you to choose from, more than could be covered comfortably on this page, but they break down into a few categories that can guide you along.

Functional wall decor

These items are useful not only as display but as something that performs some useful task or displays a useful piece of information. It can include:

  • Coat racks
  • Clocks
  • House rules signs
  • No smoking signs

They can be hung in appropriate places, usually near doors or in good viewing areas, for the convenience and comfort of you and your guests.

Decorative art

A popular category is wall art that is purely for beauty and decoration. These can be paintings, photos and carved wall art. Typical themes include:

  • Arrangements of gaming equipment
  • Cars and motorcycles
  • 8 Ball and Lucky 13 motifs
  • Well presented image of wines and beer

These are classic images for a game room that add ambiance and a sense of purpose to the room. This can greatly enhance your sense of style and keep guests coming back for more.

Humour wall decor

This is for those who want to get in a quick laugh with guests, help break tension with new arrivals and will create a relaxed atmosphere. Some of the fun examples include:

  • Numerous ‘man-cave’ displays
  • Playful billiards references on ‘tight racks’
  • Funny excuse for why you’re having an ‘off’ game
  • Happy hour signs that let everyone know exactly what time it really is

For a few laughs and the kind of easy relaxation every room needs, a well placed sign designed to get a laugh can be just the thing you need.

Browse the product descriptions above to begin decorating your game room, or contact us at Oakville Home Leisure today for help finding the right decor.