How to Repair/Care for Pool Table Felt

Top View of pool Table

Playing pool is a fun pastime. Some enjoy shooting on their own, whereas others enjoy playing with friends and family. In many cases, individuals end up purchasing pool tables for their own homes, making it easier for them to enjoy it at their leisure.  

Although pool tables are excellent to have, they can wear down over time. Persistent shooting, friction caused by balls, and moving tables from one space to another are just some of the things that can cause the pool table felt to tear or wear out. If you are the proud owner of a pool table, consider these suggestions on how to repair pool table felt and to maintain its longevity.  

Leaning or Sitting on the Table 

Everyone has their special techniques when they are playing pool. Hence, many people resort to leaning or sitting on the table to make the perfect shot. Unfortunately, this can cause damage to the pool table felt overtime. Friction caused by jeans, buttons, zippers, jewelry, or other fabrics can pull at the felt. Over time, the constant contact can cause the pool table felt to lift or rip.  

Try to avoid sitting on the table or wearing abrasive jewelry that can tear away at the felt. Doing so can help to minimize damage and maintain the health of the felt.   

Transporting the Table  

When moving a pool table, dismantling it correctly is the best way to avoid damage. Some steps involve unfastening the rails, removing the frame and legs, detaching the pockets and carefully removing the felt. Failing to perform these steps can lead to significant damage to your table.  

The pool table felt is quite delicate and must be treated with care. Therefore, removing it before you move is crucial. Being tossed around and possibly colliding with other objects makes it quite susceptible to tears during this time.  

Pool Table Close up

Pool Balls and Pool Chalk  

Many do not realize how damaging their pool balls can be to their felt. The truth is, as they roll around on the felt, they collect dirt, debris, and chalk. As they move around the table, other parts become affected by these fragments. Wiping your balls regularly after each use is a great way to maintain the life of your pool table felt. It will help to remove any build-up and keep your table in excellent condition longer.  

How to Repair Pool Table Felt  

If you are witnessing holes, tears, or terrible damage to the material on your table, pool table felt replacement might be required. You may choose to repair it on your own. However, pool table re-felting yields the best results when a professional does the restoration. They will ensure that the felt is successfully removed without causing damage to your table. They will also install it correctly, guaranteeing that it reacts appropriately while you shoot.  

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