Small Game Room Ideas

Group of people playing cards, playing card on table with one person laying their cards down

You don’t need to have a big game room to have a lot of fun. If you only have a small space for your game room, you can still deck it out, and use a few space-saving tricks, to make it a great place for adult games. Here are a ton of small game room ideas you can use to transform any small space into the life of a party. 

Seating in Small Nooks 

All you really need to have a game room is four seats and a table. You can play table-top games and card games in such a space, without needing the space for a pool table or darts board. To save even more space, use a sofa for two or more of the seats, and put individual chairs on the other side of the table. 

Avoid Themes 

In small spaces, strong themes can be overwhelming. This is especially true of the classic billiards theme, which uses dark greens and décor with a lot of character. You can still include elements of this theme or any theme you want, but be sparing. And, try to keep the walls a light colour, ideally white, to make the room seem larger. 

Outdoor Game Rooms 

Don’t have any space for a game room in the home at all? Try using an outdoor space, a garage, a sunroom, or a mudroom for your game space for part of the year. You can use patio furniture, waterproof storage, and outdoor décor to make the space as weather-proof as possible. Add rugs and heaters to try to extend the use of the space into the colder months. 

Wall Storage 

In any game room, you might find memorabilia, instruments, and even games hanging from the wall when they are not in use. In a small game room, wall storage can be very practical. Just be sure not to clutter the space too much. You can also have tabletop versions of your favourite games (i.e. foosball) that can easily be hung on a wall when not in use.  


Leather is a simple way to make a room feel more masculine and sophisticated without cluttering the space with fishing and hunting trophies. Leather also adds warmth and comfort, making even small spaces feel more comfortable. 

Guest Room 

Why not have the guest room double as your game room? Use bunk beds to maximize space in the room so you can also have a pool table or other game equipment you’d like. Keep the bunk beds mature by using matching, earth-toned sheets. 

Close up of foosball table


Want a dedicated game piece that can fit into your small space? Foosball tables are smaller than many other options and foosball is a fun game.  

You do not need a large room to create an adult-friendly game room. Follow these tips and tricks to maximize your game room space. For all of your game room needs, contact us today.