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Written by / September 7, 2022 / Posted in Games Room

3 Game Room Ideas the Entire Family Will Love

Game room supplies in Oakville

It can be hard to find overlap between what each of the kids and adults in your family want to do when game night rolls around. However, by designing your game room right, you can foster better connections between family members and provide more opportunities for family bonding. 

In this post, we’ll share three interesting ideas that are sure to boost the excitement level on games night. 

Ping Pong Tables 

When played casually or competitively, ping pong can be a great game for the whole family. Take it easy on young kids who are just developing their coordination or play more competitively with older children. If you’re not sure ping pong will be a hit in your house, you can buy one of our more affordable tables and find out. 


You can definitely get grandma and grandpa involved in a game of shuffleboard, but that’s not all. The whole family might love shuffleboard too. It’s a low-impact game, but it is still highly competitive. Even young children without much coordination will enjoy trying it out. We offer some very affordable shuffleboard tables you can try out. 


If you’re the kind of family that watches football or soccer together, then you might also enjoy branching out into foosball. This is a fun game that someone of any age can start to learn. 

You can find all kinds of interesting game room supplies from Oakville Home Leisure. Look through our selection today.  

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