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Written by / January 18, 2023 / Posted in Games Room

How to Play Darts Like a Champion: Our Top Tips

Darts should be an easy game. All you do is throw little objects at a board, so, as long as you have aim you should be fine, right? Unfortunately, that is not the case. Like pool, there is more to darts than a few simple rules. If you want to learn how to play darts like a champ, you are going to have to learn a few things, and then you will have to practice.

At Oakville Home Leisure, we love darts, and our team is ready to share our top tips. Check out this guide on how to play darts like a pro.

how to throw darts

Tip 1: Learn How to Grip and Throw

This may seem obvious, but most people entirely skip this step because it involves diagrams and a basic understanding of arc and trajectory. If you don’t want to learn the science of it, you can still do pretty well (although you will never be a master). There are plenty of YouTube clips for those who are not interested in learning the science behind the game.

Tip 2: Be One with the Dart

Just like pool and golf, you have to learn to focus on your target, and this does mean learning how to ignore everything going on around you. This is far trickier than it sounds because when you practice, you will have peace and quiet. However, when it comes time to play, you will be in a room full of people, giving you a completely different atmosphere. To help prepare, you can play with loud music going in the background, and you could invite a friend or two over to learn together so that you are accustomed to tuning out others.

Meditation can also help. It gives your mind a focus on a single thing that is within yourself. It is also something you can do both inside in the peace and quiet and out in public where there are noises and distractions. This will help prepare you for a real game.

how to get better at dartsTip 3: Keep Your Balance

This may not be gymnastics, but balance is incredibly important for aiming. It won’t matter how much you focus on your target if your balance throws you off. From the point where you are aiming to follow through, you have to maintain your balance. Because everyone is different, the stance that works for one person may not work for you, so take your time to find a stance that works for your body.

Tip 4: Find Your Motivation

You need to have exposure to others who enjoy the game as much as you do to properly motivate yourself. Whether you like competition or just have a good time, if you can find something to motivate you to play better, you will keep practicing and improving.

Get better at dartsTip 5: Get Fancy!

Remember that the game isn’t about force or strength. Ultimately, it’s about aiming, throwing, and finesse. Like Frisbee, a little extra flair can go a long way.

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