How to Tell a Billiards Table is High Quality

The game of pool has been around for centuries. Many families are learning that purchasing a pool table will offer hours of entertainment for everyone. Whether you are an avid pool enthusiast or a homeowner looking for a table for the family, it is important to look for quality. Buying a table that is built well and is designed for accurate play is essential.

What Makes a Quality Table?

Several different things go into making a quality table. First and foremost, it must be sturdy and easily balanced. When you must lean over the table for those long shots, you don’t want the table shifting and throwing off your shot. While you won’t be moving your table very often, make sure that if you do, it is easy to re-balance. For extremely high quality tables, most companies ask that you call professionals to move your table and balance it. Secondly, look closely at the wood. A quality tableis made of solid wood, not laminate. When you look at the materials used in making a quality table, solid wood has a distinct wood grain look and feel. It is also important to pay attention to other, smaller details. For example, look closely at the pockets. Some will have leather webbing, while others are made with interwoven nylon cording. Make sure to choose the one that fits your purpose. You will also want to look for:

  • Easy to see spots/diamonds
  • Firm rails
  • Deep pockets
  • Smooth, well polished wood finish

Feel the Felt!

All felts are not the same, so don’t settle for something you may not like. Good felt is the key to accuracy and continuous, smooth spin. Whenever you look at a table, make sure it has real felt. Many manufacturers use a “cloth” felt. This cheaper version looks and feels like cloth. You can see the strands of threads and feel them, as well. True felt, looks and feels like soft cloth, but has no noticeable, interwoven threads.

How to Know You are Getting Your Money’s Worth

One way to find out if you are getting your money’s worth is to play an actual game on the table. Watch how the balls roll and whether or not they have a smooth recoil off the rail. You can also look closely at the warranty. A good table comes with a guarantee that cheaper tables won’t offer. You can also check the tables reviews. Many pool and billiards magazines will rate tables and provide expert advice on which ones are actually worth the price. If you are looking for a high quality, top of the line pool table that will offer you years of family entertainment, contact us online or visit our store. We can show you first hand, what a quality pool/billiard table looks like.