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Written by / January 15, 2023 / Posted in Games Room

2023 Games Room Trends

Having fun never goes out of style, but there are some new games room trends that are on the rise for 2023. This year, whether you are transforming a space into an amazing game room or are looking for fresh games room ideas, we’ve got you covered.

What’s trending for games rooms this year?

Here, we list the top games room trends we’re seeing in terms of decor, style and themes:

  1. Futuristic – Though your games room may be filled with classic games, such as pool, darts or foosball, consider adding accents of chrome, silver and grey. This will give the space an aura of the future, while also allowing unlimited design options.
  2. Vintage – The saying ‘what’s old remains new’ is especially true when it comes to home design. Vintage is always in and works especially well with a games room. Start with a classic looking pool table or foosball table, and then accent the room with framed movie posters from past decades, or other pieces of nostalgia to tie the whole room together.
  3. Keep it classy – If you’re looking for a more refined look, try creating a space that has a lot of wood furnishings to go with your games. A poker table is a great addition here. Add a wooden bar, some high-back chairs and some low-hanging lights, and you’ll have a space that exudes luxury and entertainment.

Games room decorating ideas

Different woods, felt colours, and design styles can be utilized to accent a games room and give it a unique atmosphere. Here are a few ideas on how to create a games room that is fun and inviting:

  1. Cottage living – If your basement or games room has a fireplace, then consider creating a cottage vibe by adding wood accents, such as beams to the ceiling, around the windows or to the fireplace itself. Get yourself a custom Presidential Billiards table, like the Legend, and let the relaxing cottage vibes surround you.
  2. Out of the movies – Maybe you’re looking for a pool table room that is right out of a James Dean movie. This can be done by painting your walls a darker colour, adding some framed vintage pictures of skylines and adding a poker table. A table like the Prescott 2 Tone would really help drive this theme home.
  3. Old-fashioned – Are you a fan of old-style pubs like they have in England? If so, you can emulate this in your own games room. Everything should be wood or woodlike to really get it right. Add dark wood low-back chairs, a poker table and a dart board to ensure all your mates can be entertained simultaneously. The Ventana table would be excellent for this old-world vibe.

While there are many different styles of pool and billiard tables to choose from, we recommend Presidential Billiards as a preferred choice for a few reasons:

  • They have amazing shuffleboard tables that come in a variety of high-end finishes that will act as a true centrepiece for your games room
  • They have the finest billiard tables with handcrafted exotic wood and playing surfaces
  • They use renewable resources and international fair-trade artisans in the construction of their tables

Find the Games Room Trends You Love This Year at OHL

Looking for help creating or reviving your games room? Call the experts at Oakville Home Leisure with your ideas and questions and we’ll help you get where you want to be.

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