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Written by / November 4, 2019 / Posted in Games Room

Use this Man Cave Decor Checklist to Create the Ultimate Man Cave

Although the idea of man caves might have changed over the years, man cave décor largely has not, until now.

Formerly, a man cave meant a dark and dingy basement, shed, or garage. But now, the space where the man of the house entertains his friends is more useful, comfortable and bright. Want to know how to design a modern man cave? We can show you.

While there are many elements that a man cave should have to become the perfect space, the most important factor is personalization. Read this checklist to discover how to personalize your man cave for comfort and relaxation, so you can ensure you and your buddies get the most out of your leisure time.

Man Cave Ideas

A theme is a great place to start. Your theme serves as the jumping-off point that will guide your design choices. Your imagination is the only limit, but here are a few man cave themes to consider:

  • Sports theme
  • Hunting theme
  • Personal movie theatre
  • Video game theme
  • Workshop theme
  • Car theme
  • Music room


Looking for a specific man cave bar idea? How about a(n):

  • Tiki bar or tropical bar vibe
  • Las Vegas or casino bar
  • Old school bar, from the decade you grew up in
  • E-sports bar theme

This space is yours, so make the theme whatever you are truly passionate about. This room is a great place to express yourself and show off items, trophies, or collectibles that make you feel proud or at home.

Man Cave Essentials

Your space should have a few classic man cave accessories that make it a relaxing, fun space. Don’t forget to infuse your theme and personal preferences into these items. The more personalized your space is and the more it reflects the things you enjoy, the more you and your friends will get out of it.

Our man cave décor checklist includes:

As long as your man cave has a few of these items, it’ll be a great place to unwind, relax, and chill with your friends.

If you’re looking to redesign your man cave or create a new one, contact the home design experts at Oakville Home Leisure. We have a large selection of man cave décor to get you started on creating the coolest man cave imaginable.



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