Bar Furniture

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One of the touches that a large number of people building their games room add to make it the centre of attention for their friendly gatherings is a bar. In addition to the bar itself, this can include stools and pub tables. The more room you have the more elaborate your home bar can be, you can even go as far as mimicking your favourite local watering hole.


The absolute first piece of your home bar that you should consider is the bar itself. Everything else should be designed around this focal point of activity. They come in three standard sizes:

  • 60 inches wide
  • 72 inches wide
  • 84 inches wide

The height you choose is up to you, some prefer shorter bars that can use lower chairs, while others will want the traditional high bar with tall bar stools that are familiar in bars everywhere.

Bar stools

A set of bar stools gathered around a bar is an outright invitation to your guests to come sit down and have a conversation. Many good talks have been had between friends because of some comfortable chairs in a great setting.
The common chair types found in bars and home bars are:

  • Backless bar stools
  • Backed bar stools
  • Backed bar stool with arms
  • Stainless steel bar stools
  • Spectator chairs
  • Minnesota game chairs
  • Swivelling game chairs

You can mix and match these styles if you want, but the best looking bars will have one uniform theme. This will let them look professional and inviting.

Other accessories

For those looking to go a step beyond their bar, and those who want another place for a large group of friends to sit down together, a pub table is a great option. Having a table that is designed to get a little damp, or have liquid spilled on it from time to time, will allow your tables that aren’t designed for this to last longer. No drinks on the pool table!

At the bar now, where your friends reflect upon the day or the week’s end, it is quite common to find a mirror in front of them at the back of the bar. This can serve as a way to bring more light into the area, add artificial depth and size to the room and allow your guests a chance to check their hair or make-up!

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