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Written by / April 29, 2021 / Posted in Outdoor Living, Patio & Outdoor Furniture

6 Patio Furniture Layout Ideas

couple having brunch outside on patio furniture

Just like in the living room, furniture on the patio defines how you use the space. Laying out the furniture just right will help you and your guests have the experience that you want. It can be easy to get caught in the pattern of a single couch and a coffee table. How can you mix things up and make more space for whatever you want to do on your patio? Here are six patio furniture layout ideas.

1. Chaise Lounges

A chaise lounge is a flexible option for sunbathing or for seating people while entertaining. If you want a more intimate space for you, place two chaise lounges next to each other with a small table in-between. Or, add a single chaise lounge next to your other chairs or couch to add some flexibility. When people would rather lie down, they can.

2. No Table

If it sounds like a crazy idea, just hear us out. You don’t need to add a hulking table to the middle of your patio set-up. Instead, add several side tables for drinks and food. You can fit more seating in a smaller area this way. You can also optionally rotate in centerpieces that you need seasonally. Move a small fire pit in for colder seasons, add plants when it is warmer. If you have a particularly stunning garden display at some point in the year, turn the furniture towards it without the table to restrict it.

3. Ottomans and Footstools

Put your feet up by adding ottomans and footstools to your patio space. You can also use these as extra seating for when you have more people over than you can otherwise seat. They are especially great options for children. Make sure the footstools are large and sturdy. You can also choose ottomans with storage; a great bonus!

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4. Bar Carts

Bar carts are a great option on patios that have multiple seating areas. You may need the extra space that a bar stool provides at the sofa at one point in the evening and at the dining table later on. A bar cart gives you the flexibility to change things up as needed.

5. Symmetrical Chairs

Most people are familiar with the pairing of a sofa with a chair on one side. It makes sense in living rooms where there is often a need to keep that second side open. But, in many backyards, there is more room to add a second chair on either side. Symmetrical chairs, with the same dimensions, can make this pairing look natural.

6. Four Chairs

Forgo the couch altogether and add four large chairs across from one another. Fill the space between them with an area rug or a coffee table. Adding side tables will also make the space more productive.

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