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Written by / May 7, 2021 / Posted in Patio & Outdoor Furniture Maintenance

How to Protect Your Patio Furniture from Animals

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You bought some lovely patio furniture. So lovely, in fact, that you’re a little worried about placing it outside. What if the dog or a squirrel chews it? Cats might scratch it, and deer might even be interested in it depending on your location. Here is how to protect your patio furniture from all of these animals.

Protect from Dogs

How do you keep your pup from chewing up the patio furniture? Puppies chew naturally, so they shouldn’t be left alone with patio furniture that you find valuable. Adult dogs should be able to be left alone with it, assuming that they have a chew toy available that they can use if the mood strikes them.

Pets stores sell liquids that you can spray on furniture with a bitter scent that deters dogs. You can also add diluted vinegar or another harmless but foul-smelling liquid to the furniture to discourage your dog from taking a bite.

Do your dogs sit on the patio furniture? This can be a problem too, especially if you have fabric furniture that collects dog hair. Give your dog a soft spot of their own to lie on when they are outside. And, be sure every member of the family will get the dog down from the couch when they are outside.

Protect from Squirrels

These creatures are adorable but they can also be quite a nuisance. Squirrels enter the yard for food, so removing the sources of food is a good first step. If they get into the trash, the birdseed, or just acorns from your tree, remove them, or offer a better food source in the front yard to discourage their use of the patio furniture in the backyard. You can also use a bitter spray, like that for dogs, to discourage them.

Enjoy your patio furniture this season without worrying about animals getting to your patio furniture. To learn more about how you can protect your outdoor furniture, contact our team at Oakville Home Leisure today.

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Protect from Cats

Cats love to scratch things, and if they don’t have an outlet, they may turn to your patio furniture. Make sure that your outdoor cats have a scratching pole that they can access outside. You can also generally deter cats from scratching on the patio furniture such as your cushions or pillows. if you spray them with water when you catch them doing it. They’ll search for better outlets.

Protect from Bugs

If you’re constantly swatting bugs on your patio furniture, it can reduce the amount of enjoyment your experience in your backyard. The best way to deter bugs is with light that has longer wavelengths, which is harder for bugs to see in. Bulbs that are blue, or closer to daylight, will help to deter bugs.

If you are struggling with animals or critters getting to your patio furniture, no need to worry. Our team at Oakville Home Leisure can help you select the right furniture for your needs. Contact us today.


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