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Written by / March 1, 2021 / Posted in Pool Tables

How to Choose the Best Billiard Table

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Every billiard table out there is a little different. The style, function, and quality of each are different. What is the right mix for your game room and your priorities? We’ll walk you through how to choose the best billiard table by explaining each of the comparison points.


The most important factor to nail down is what size pool table you want. In general, you want the largest size that you can fit in your room. You want a three-foot or more clearance around the table. Nine-foot tables are a little challenging, so you may want an eight-footer, which is pro size, or a seven-footer, which is bar size. If you want to improve your game for tournaments at bars, it’s wise to have the same size at home as at the bar.


Most quality tables are made of slate. Tables without it don’t offer a very good playing experience. So, you should choose either a one-piece slate or a three-piece slate table. Three pieces are better because you can adjust it more, and as a pool table is used, it will start to sink towards the center. You can avoid this problem with three-piece tables. However, a one-piece table may eventually be unusable due to this problem.

You then can also choose between framed slate, an unframed slate, and a slate liner. Framed slate is better for the smoothness of the playing surface and for the support of the table as a whole.

Billiard tables are fun for the whole family! Interested in learning more about them? Give our professionals at Oakville Leisure a call today.

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Wood or Finish

The type of wood, as well as its finish, isn’t just an aesthetic choice. Hardwoods are more durable and stable. They provide better bounce, improving the quality of the game. There are also some quality differences in finish. Formica finish is the most durable and you’ll find it on commercial pool tables for that reason.

Otherwise, it is mainly about looks. Darker richer woods will show scratches more quickly. Lighter woods will look better for the long term, but you can repair darker woods if you really want that deep look.


There are different types of felt that you can choose from. Wool-blends are popular, but worsted fabrics provide the best gameplay and durability. Of course, you should be able to choose a felt in any colour you like, from the classic championship green and dark green to wilder colours like purple, Aztec and golden.


Other stylistic elements of the table might appeal to you too. Do the legs have flourishes or are they straight, blocky, and modern? You can also find tables that look rustic or those that look traditional. There are plenty of options in our catalogue at Oakville Home Leisure.

To learn more about our billiard tables and for all of your game room needs, please contact us today.


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