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Written by / December 1, 2021 / Posted in Games Room

5 Shuffleboard Games Your Family Will Love

Shuffleboard is one of the best family-friendly games, as it can be played by seniors, children, and adults. But, if you’re getting a little bored of your conventional game of shuffleboard, why not mix it up with another game or set of rules? Here are five that will keep the whole family entertained. 

1. Knock Off Shuffleboard 

This game can be played with just yourself and one opponent, or in teams of two. You stand on either end of the boards and play until one team scores 15 points. This game is played in frames and rounds, and only one team scores in a round. Here is how the scoring works: 

  • 1 point is awarded for each weight that lies between the short foul line and the deuce line. 
  • 2 points are awarded for each weight lying between the deuce kline and trey line. 
  • 3 points are awarded for each weight that is past the trey line, but not hanging off the board. 
  • 4 points are awarded for weight partially hanging off the end of the board (“hangers”). 

2. Horse Collar Shuffleboard 

Two or more teams of two can play this version of shuffleboard. Teams alternate ends and the game continues until someone scores 51 points. The goal is to have at least one of your pucks lands in the 3-point or greater zone. Of course, it also can’t be short of the foul line. This is a good choice when you want a long game and have many people involved. 

3. Tap & Draw Shuffleboard 

Are you trying to introduce someone to the world of shuffleboard? The Tap and Draw is a good option for you. During play, you take turns shuffling pucks until one person has all of their pucks in the farthest scoring section of the board. Knocking a puck off counts as a penalty. This is a great way for beginners to get the feel of the board and develop their skills.  


Need a fun game to play with the family? Try these games with your shuffleboard!

To learn more about games and shuffleboards, contact our team today! 

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Target Shuffleboard 

This is a simple variation on a typical game of shuffleboard, but where you are allowed to knock off your opponent’s puck. You are still aiming for the highest scoring position, and whoever’s puck is there at the end of the round wins the round. You can play for as many rounds as you like or set a scoring limit. Start the game by standing at the same end of the table and shooting towards the target. Then let your opponent try their luck at it. 

Crazy Eight Shuffleboard 

If you have two or more players, you can try out Crazy Eight Shuffleboard. You start out by agreeing on a score and then playing in frames. The frame ends and you alternate ends of the board when someone achieves that agreed upon score. Don’t just try playing for eight, mix it up a bit. Smaller scores will result in quicker games and higher scores may be more intense. It’s a flexible game type for essentially any situation. 

Ready to Buy a Shuffleboard? 

Want to have a little fun this winter? Shuffleboards are great entertainment for the whole family! To learn more about shuffleboards, contact our team at Oakville Home Leisure today. 


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