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Written by / January 20, 2022 / Posted in Games Room

5 Tips to Arrange the Perfect Foosball Tournament  

Foosball is fun and getting friends and even strangers together for a foosball tournament can take your game to a whole new level. It’s a great way to connect friends, colleagues, or to engage more with the community around you. Plus, you get to show off your sweet foosball skills. If you’re interested in organizing a foosball tournament, we have some tips for you below. 

1. Advertise the Tournament 

You’ll want to reach out to the people you’re planning on inviting to gauge their interest in a foosball tournament. If you’re reaching out to the public, it’s smart to advertise near spots where there is a foosball table, perhaps at local bars, restaurants, or community centers. 

People who might want to join in the fun may not have played foosball before. This may mean you need to educate people about foosball rules, how many people you need for a team, and how the game should be played. Include some of those details in your advertisement and encourage these people that foosball is very beginner-friendly. 

2. Location and Tables 

When you’re playing with friends, the person with the most room for the tables is usually the host. Otherwise, you need to rent out space somewhere to hold the tournament, and you may want to do this regardless of the size of your tournament if you’re inviting strangers. Options for rental spaces include: 

  • Community centers 
  • Arcades/play spaces 
  • Restaurants 
  • Bars

Teaming up with a restaurant or bar can be very fruitful. This gives players great access to food and beverages, helps spread the word about the tournament, and can help generate income for a local business. 

3. Dates and Times 

There’s no season for foosball, so you can safely hold a tournament in the winter. Booking off one full weekend day is best and trying to avoid major sporting events can also help ensure attendance. Try to give players at least one month’s notice of the date. If your tournament has generated significant interest, have limited slots of players and have them put down a few dollars to secure a spot. This helps ensure that people will actually show up so everyone can have a good time. 

If a full day seems like a bit much, remember that Round Robins are the most popular tournament format so that everyone can keep playing even when they are out of the running for the main prize. 

4. Food and Beverages 

Most people will try to provide basic beverages and snacks for a tournament, but it may be a lot to provide full meals, depending on the size of your tournament. In the case that you can’t, you should arrange to have food and drinks available for participants to buy. Consider asking a food truck to sit outside the venue or invite food and drink vendors inside. 

5. Prizes and Trophies 

Make the tournament memorable and add some stakes by offering a trophy and smaller door prizes. 

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