• If you always thought that shuffleboard was only played on cruises by older people, think again. This engaging sport can be enjoyed by young and old alike. With the table shuffleboards on offer from Champion shuffleboard they can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime, no cruise ship ticket required!

    How to play

    Table shuffleboard, also known as American shuffleboard, indoor shuffleboard or shufflepuck is played with a weighted metal and plastic puck. The players stand at one end of the table and push the puck towards a scoring area. The difference between table shuffleboard and deck shuffleboard is that table shuffleboard uses the direct contact of the hand on the puck, while the deck variety uses a cue stick.

    The shuffleboard table

    The tables themselves are typically 9 – 22 feet in length and must be at least 20 inches wide. They will usually be kept perfectly level but it is not uncommon for a table to have a slight lean or slope to it that adds to the challenge of ‘reading’ the table.

    For a smooth game

    To decrease the friction of the puck while sliding there is a powdered silicone product known as shuffleboard sand which act like thousands of tiny ball bearings. Another option is a spray on silicone that is used on top of the sand. Great products from Champion that perform these tasks excellently are:

    • Sun-Glo Powder Speed 1
    • Sun-Glo Powder Speed 5
    • Sun-Glo Powder Speed 6
    • Sun-Glo Silicone Spray

    Weights or pucks

    Table shuffleboard weights, sometimes known as pucks, are the actual metal and plastic objects you push down the table to score. The weight of the puck will vary depending on the size of the table you are using. Heavier pucks are used on longer tables. The pucks will be in two colours on every table so that players and teams can easily see which pucks belong to them.

    Browse the product descriptions above to start learning more about this engaging game, or contact us at Oakville Home Leisure today for help finding the right combination of pucks, sand and table for your game room.