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Written by / December 6, 2022 / Posted in Hot Tub Maintenance

Detailed Hot Tub Maintenance Schedule & Guide

Hot Tub Maintenance Schedule & Guide - Oakville Home Leisure

Hot tubs are a luxury that almost every Canadian yearns for. There’s nothing quite like dipping into our own little personal spa on a frigid winter day. But with all that use comes the need to take care of these units so we can enjoy them for longer and get the most from our investment. 

Today we are going to take the guesswork out of these processes by giving you a detailed hot tub maintenance guide that you can refer to and follow throughout the year! 

Home Hot Tub Maintenance 

Learning how to care for a hot tub is easy after you go through the steps a couple of times. They require you to really understand your hot tub and its working components. Perform these tasks at their recommended frequency for the best results: 

  • Check & adjust the water balance (1-3 times/week) 
  • Clean the spa filter (1-2 times/week & replace annually) 
  • Drain, clean & refill the spa (every 3-4 months) 
  • Air out the spa cover if you can (once/week) 
  • Keep the water level full (about midway on the skimmer intake)  

Draining and Refilling a Hot Tub (Steps) 

Changing your spa water is a critical step of any home hot tub management regimen. Follow the below steps every 3-4 months for the opportunity to completely clean and refill your spa to maintain a sanitary, healthy, and well-working tubbing environment: 

  1. Remove all filters, cartridges, and floating dispensers 
  2. Flush the system 
    • Put jets on full and pour a recommended pipe cleaner into the filter housing 
    • Run for 15-30 minutes 
    • Turn off the jets and cut power to the hot tub 
  3. Drain the hot tub using the drain valve or a submersible pump 
    • While it’s draining you can use the wastewater to wipe away any residue from the flush 
  4. Once the hot tub is empty, give the whole spa a wipe-down to get rid of build-up, films, scum, and other residues that may have accumulated since the last draining 
  5. Refill the tub by putting your garden hose directly into the filter housing, this helps prevent airlocks by filling the pipework up first 
  6. Before you put your filters/cartridges back in, use this opportunity to either clean them or, if it’s been close to a year or more, replace them with new ones 
  7. Add the filters and cartridges back into the filter housing 
  8. Check the water balance and adjust as necessary 

And there you go! Simple steps that can be done on your own without any need to hire a technician. Now the only thing left is knowing a trusted retailer you can go to for products, accessories, and all things hot tub in Canada. 

Why Invest in a Hot Tub Maintenance Plan

A well-maintained hot tub helps you and your family maintain your healthy lifestyles. By working with a  professional, you can ensure your hot tub is kept in pristine condition for every use.

A professional hot tub technician can visit every week or month to:

  • Test and correct your water chemistry.
  • Vacuum buildup from the tub floor.
  • Clean developing scum lines.
  • Rinse your filter.
  • Inspect the moving parts, so you know nothing is about to break down.
  • Make sure your hot tub cover lift is lined up right.

Best Hot Tub Technicians for Cold Climates 

At Oakville Home Leisure, we carry the best selection of high-quality hot tubs, cleaning materials, parts, and hot tub accessories, including covers and steps. Check out our website or contact us today to learn more about the hot tub products we carry! 

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