Garlando Foosball G500 Weatherproof


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The new G-500 Weatherproof blue features silver details and legs and includes levellers, for a perfectly flat playfield on any ground.

For outdoor playing it is manufactured using special weather resistant materials and components and, in addition, comes with a protection cover to shield the table colours from the sun fading effects.

Suitable for indoor keeping too, it can used at home in autumn and winter, being actually an all-season table.

Also available in the version with telescopic rods specfically for children eye and face protection.

Complies with the European regulations on Toys Safety.

  • Dimensions: L: 56″ x W: 43″ x H 34″
  • Perfectly flat playing surface
  • Telescopic rods will prevent injuries threw the other side
  • Nylon bearings fitted with ball bearings for smooth operation throughout
  • Players moplen standard plastic molded onto the rods of one color (white-blue)