Garlando Foosball Table G5000 Wenge




G-5000 stands out from the other freeplay models thanks to details such as the wood-inlaid plastic handles for a more comfortable grip, the leg levelers for a perfectly flat playing field wherever one wants to play and the non-reflective sanded-glass playfield. (sanded-glass surface not showen in image)

The brown and grey men and score counters contribute not a little to the elegance of the whole.

As on all freeplay tables, it is possible to install the telescopic safety bars to ensure children’s face and eyes a greater protection.

G-5000 complies with the harmonized European rules EN on safety.

NOTE – Our Garlando G500o Wenge foosball table features telescopic rods where the picture above shows rods that protrude through the table.

  • Dimensions: L: 60″ x W: 43″ x H 35″
  • The legs, fitted with adjustable and sturdy shoes provide a perfectly flat non-reflective sanded-glass playfield.
  • Telescopic rods will prevent injuries threw the other side
  • Nylon bearings fitted with ball bearings for smooth operation throughout
  • Players brown and grey with score counters to match contribute to the elegance of the whole table