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Written by / July 9, 2022 / Posted in Outdoor Living, Patio & Outdoor Furniture Maintenance

How to Spruce Up Your Pool Deck for More Family Time This Summer

A pool deck with no patio furniture is like a movie theatre with no seating. Your pool is great for cooling off, but your pool deck can be so much more.

It’s an outdoor living space – a room with the potential to bring family and friends together and make new memories.

Don’t leave your pool patio sparse and boring this summer. Invest in the right patio furniture pieces and give it the luxury treatment your family wants. Here are our tips on how to spruce up your pool so the family spends more time together this summer!

Step 1: Add Daybeds and Umbrellas

Lounging outside for an afternoon doesn’t have to come with a sunburn.

Patio furniture Oakville

A comfortable setup includes large comfortable surfaces to lay out on and plenty of shade when you want it.

Get it from at least 1 big Louvre Daybed and a large, sturdy patio umbrella that’s quick to fold up or fold down.

The Louvre Daybed is a large, comfortable, luxurious rounded daybed with a retractable shade and hundreds of fabric styles to choose from. It looks just right, placed in a corner overlooking the pool with the sun at its back.

The umbrella can sit around the opposite end of your pool, with the rest of your patio furniture, for shaded relief when the afternoon sun gets too hot.

Step 2: Set Up Patio Furniture On Your Swimming Pool Decks

A poolside staple is the chaise lounge – at least one for every adult in the family and often enough for everybody.

It’s tempting to experiment with different styles, but an entourage of 4 different chaise lounges lined up beside your pool doesn’t look great.

We recommend taking your time to find the style and function you like best and investing in a set of them.

These are just a few examples of luxurious chaise lounges your family can use to read, relax and recharge beside the pool on sunny summer days.

A large patio umbrella can cast comfortable shade on all 4 of your chaise lounges if placed correctly.

Step 3: Set Up a Dining Space By The Pool

Pool patio furnitureWhy not enjoy evening meals by the pool? If the size and shape of your pool deck allows, a dining table and chairs add to the perfect ambiance of a well-loved, functional and attractive outdoor living space.

Place a contemporary outdoor dining table and chairs at least 10 feet away from the water’s edge to avoid interfering with poolside fun.

Some good table options include:

The cool breeze coming off your pool makes a great space to enjoy some fresh corn and barbecued salmon.

Get Your Pool-Side Patio Staples at Oakville Home Leisure

Just about any patio furniture can be pool furniture. As long as it fits the style you want to create around your pool, go crazy!

You can test out all your patio furniture options in our showroom, and pick up some design inspiration too. Bring the whole family this weekend.

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