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Written by / July 1, 2022 / Posted in Hot Tubs

5 Best Hot Tubs in the World that Are Worth Seeing  

Does it sound crazy to plan your vacation around the hot tub? After all, you can have a hot tub in your own backyard. Well, trust us, these hot tubs are worth seeing. Besides, the world’s best hot tubs often go along with some other great amenities and vacation experiences. Here are some “wow-worthy” hot tubs that even if you don’t want to visit, will at least inspire some interesting hot tub experiences in your own backyard. 

1. The Glass Cottage in Iceland 

What’s better than taking a dip in your hot tub and looking up at a starry night? How about looking at the northern lights? Catch the unusual polar glow while warm in the hot tub at the Glass Cottage. You’ll also be able to look out over the volcanic landscape, an unusual setting that feels both empty and full of wonder. It’s private and beautiful, and the attached cottage has a bunch of other amenities that you can enjoy too. 

2. The Cannibal Hot Tub in Mount Rainer 

Looking for a truly unusual hot tub destination? The cannibal hot tub is a friendly play on the fact that it kind of looks like you’re in a stew pot when you’re in it. This rustic hot tub is powered by lumber and fire, which is convenient because you are otherwise in the rugged but breathtaking wilderness of Mount Rainer when you’re there. From where you’re sitting, the hot tub is a smooth rock face carved out of the mountain, with an amazing view of the trees beyond. 

3. Tiny Hot Tub in England   

The tiny house phenomenon started as a way to live with less and truly love the place you’re in. No wonder it was also taken the vacationing world by storm. But, vacationing in a tiny home in England doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice anything that you want—hot tub included. This gorgeous tiny house with wooden siding features a luxury hot tub with wooden siding and a view over the beautiful English countryside. 

4. Safari Hot Tub in Africa 

The Molori Lodge in South Africa has one of our all-time favourite hot tub vacation spots. You can’t beat combining the relaxing feel of a hot tub with the soothing sounds of the African wilderness right next to you. Plus the hot tub has a clear view right to the savannah and skyline. You might see a giraffe or elephant out there. Plus you can enjoy many of the other amenities of the lodge while you’re in the hot tub.  

5. The Shangri-La Boracay Hot Tub in the Philippines 

For some, the experience of a hot tub is all about luxury. If that’s you, then it is worth visiting the private ocean-view hot tubs at the Shangri-La Boracay. Your outdoor terrace has a personal, fenced-off hot tub, but the fence is made of glass and has a view of the ocean that appears almost endless. 

6. Your Home Hot Tub  

Travel is great, and exploring the world is wonderful. The only way to top such excellent experiences is to create the perfect hot tub space in your own home. Whether you are looking for an indoor hot tub, or a backyard spa to kick back and relax in, Oakville Home Leisure has you covered. Check out our hot tubs online, or visit us in-store today to learn more about the benefits of a hot tub, and how to get one set up for you and your family, we even have you covered for all water care, chemicals and water testing.  

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