New Year – New Beachcomber Hot Tub Accessory Trends

If you’ve ordered a hot tub for the new year, it’s time to consider hot tub accessory trends for 2019.  Of course, you can get new life out of your old hot tub with the latest accessories too.

Trend #1: Steps

Nobody likes to struggle as they get in and out of their hot tub. It is supposed to be a relaxing experience! Our Beachcomber Hybrid 2 Tiered Step or our portable step can help you up and down with ease.

Trend #2: Covers

You need to protect your hot tub water from outside dirt, debris and temperature changes. You can do this with any of our covers. We offer rectangle and round heat shields, foam, and skin and spa caps.

Trend #3: Cover Removers

If the point of a cover is to avoid dirt and debris entering your hot tub, the last thing you want to do is put the cover on the ground while you aren’t using it. These cover removers allow you to safely and easily remove and store your cover while enjoying time in the tub.

Trend #4: Lights

Lights enhance both ambience and safety in your hot tub. Our underwater light show LED float will provide you with a dramatic and colourful light show beneath the surface of the water. The intensity will change depending on the depth of the water!

Here’s a tip: use multiple floats for a more exciting show.

Trend #5: Tray Table

A spa tray table provides you with a spot to set your food and drinks while spending time in the hot tub. The tray table can be installed easily to a variety of hot tubs in order make your hot tub drinks and snacks more convenient.

Trend #6: Spa Booster Seat

Do you have kids? Or maybe you get too hot while spending time in the hot tub? The spa booster seat creates a higher sitting area, closer to the surface of the water. You stay cooler, or children can safely stay in for longer.

Trend #7: Spa Towel Rack

Keep your towels clean and dry by hanging them on a spa towel rack. There’s nothing worse than getting out of the hot tub to find your towel soaked in overflow water or covered in dirt.

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