How to Position Your Patio Furniture

Our patios are a great place to enjoy the outdoors. This year, try mixing it up with some different backyard patio furniture arrangements.

Backyard Patio Furniture Arrangements: How to Position Your Patio

Your backyard is an escape from the world. You want it to stay fresh and interesting, so trying different backyard patio furniture arrangements is a simple way to change up the space. Incorporate some new furniture with things you already have and get the most out of your backyard this year.

If you have a larger space, break up the furniture into different areas. Put a smaller table and two chairs together for a cozy breakfast or reading nook. Rearrange your couches and loveseats to form an intimate yet open concept that can also create boundaries to define the separate spaces, such as for five to seven-piece conversation sets which can include some chat chairs or sofa, a coffee table and fire pit.

Elevated seating, such as a porch swing or a hammock, adds fun as well as functionality. An outdoor bar or kitchen is a great place for dining and conversation. Feel free to space out your furniture a little bit with a larger patio, but try and add a lot of accent pieces to tie the space together.

How to Arrange Furniture on a Small Patio

For a smaller space, try to utilize more benches or chairs and smaller accent tables to give you more room, while still creating a great place for conversation. If you have a great view, enjoy it by lining up chairs with tables in between to save on space and get the most out of your backyard.

Maximize space by matching the shape of your furniture with the shape of your patio. Use bright colours to make the whole area pop and try to keep all the furniture open so the space doesn’t feel closed in.

Patio Furniture Layout Ideas: Things to Consider

There are some things you need to think about before rearranging your furniture:

  • What areas of your patio get the most shade?
  • Where do you get the most privacy?
  • Are you utilizing the space more for comfort or entertaining?
  • Will the sun be in your eyes?
  • How much furniture do you have?

Answering these questions will help you to better understand how your patio furniture should be arranged. Go with the flow of your backyard and patio, and don’t forget to have fun with it.

All of these questions can carry over if you’re wondering how to arrange patio furniture on a deck. Here you can also consider the use of rugs and bringing sofas and chairs together to create a cozy corner lounge space.

Classic Ideas for Different Types of Furniture

The days of uncomfortable lawn chairs and uneven picnic tables are over. Outdoor furniture has come a long way. You can have couches, love seats, sectionals, benches, bars and stools, that can all be used to fit any space or design. They also all come in a variety of materials, such as metal, wood or wicker.

Classic arrangements for conversation sets and dining sets can be as small as four-pieces or as large as eight or nine pieces depending on the elements you want to incorporate. One example of a small dining set that seats four people would include four dining chairs, a 42-inch dining table, and ideally a 6 foot by 9-foot rug with a 9-foot umbrella to complete the look.

Another example of filling a larger space that seats twelve people includes utilizing a left arm loveseat, three corner units, an armless loveseat, armless sofa and a right arm loveseat. Additional elements to consider might be a coffee table or fire pit and an area rug ideally measuring eight feet by ten feet.

Outdoor Dining Planning

A big part of summer is dining outdoors, so plan ahead by measuring the size of your space and avoiding overcrowding it with furniture. Pick the right spot on your patio for the dining area and make sure it’s not too close to the BBQ or smoker. Use umbrellas to add some shade or cover from the weather and help make your guests more comfortable.

To find out more about backyard patio furniture arrangements or to get additional patio furniture layout ideas, contact the experts at Oakville Home Leisure.