Backyard Hot Tub Layouts: How to Position Your Hot Tub

A hot tub offers a variety of benefits and picking the right spot for it is crucial. Find out which backyard hot tub layouts would work best for your yard.

Why Backyard Hot Tub Layouts are Important

Relaxing in a hot tub has numerous health benefits and is something to look forward to doing at the end of a long day. Different backyard hot tub layouts might not be something you think about, but the placement can really affect the enjoyment you get out of it.

Where you put your hot tub can drastically affect the amount you use it and how long it will last. Does it get too much sun or not enough? Is it windy where it is? Is it covered? Can your hose reach it? These are all important questions you need to address before deciding on where you should put your hot tub.

What to Consider When Positioning Your Hot Tub

There are a variety of things you need to think about before deciding on the placement of your hot tub.

  • If your hot tub isn’t covered, avoid having it under trees that may constantly drop sap, branches or leaves all over it. Also, make sure it’s in a spot that gets the right amount of sunlight.
  • Privacy is key, so make sure the location of your hot tub offers some seclusion.
  • Wherever you put your hot tub, make sure that the ground is supportive and not too sandy or loose.
  • Keep in mind that having your hot tub close to your house can help with refilling and maintenance, especially in winter.
  • Before you get your hot tub delivered, find the best route to get it into your backyard, as this may also affect where it goes.

Small Backyard ideas With a Hot Tub

If you have a small backyard and want a hot tub, don’t fret. Develop a plan and stay realistic with how much space you have and can give to the placement of the hot tub. Measure and prepare well in advance and consider any other structures, such as a patio or shed, to avoid overcrowding the area. Find the right sized hot tub that will suit your yard and let the relaxation begin. [1]

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Hot Tub Spot

  1. Placement is key. Place the hot tub as close to your back door as possible to lessen the number of steps you need to take to be able to take a relaxing dip.
  2. Know its role. Understand the main purpose of the hot tub. If it’s for more adult oriented gatherings, make sure it’s more secluded. If it will be more of a family hang out, keep it closer to a sitting or entertaining area.
  3. Feels and looks good. Make sure the placement of the hot tub is aesthetically pleasing and not under any large branches. Consider adding the right mood lighting and accent pieces. Try incorporating some fun landscaping around the hot tub as well, like shrubs, flowers or hanging baskets.
  4. Find steady ground. Put your hot tub on a very firm foundation that is completely level. Whether it’s on a cement pad, concrete pavers or brick, a solid foundation is key.
  5. Privacy is essential. There are a variety of options for creating privacy around your hot tub. Whatever you choose to use, make sure that there is proper room around the hot tub to be able to create your own private little oasis.

If you have more questions about backyard hot tub layouts, contact the experts at Oakville Home Leisure. We have a beautiful showroom full of hot tubs and offer free local installation. Let the relaxing begin!

[1] How to Plan a Small Backyard with a Deck & Hot Tub. SF Gate. Available online