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Written by / June 1, 2021 / Posted in Outdoor Living, Patio & Outdoor Accessories, Patio & Outdoor Furniture

How to Make Your Small Patio Cozy

Patio furniture and garden

A small space can still be a sanctuary, a comfort, and very enjoyable. Many people find that going for a cozy-vibe is a great idea to make the most of their small outdoor space. Cozy spaces need to feel nestled, sheltered, and small spaces naturally feel like that. But there are things that you can do to boost that cozy feeling and make your space even better. Here are some things to consider adding. 

Tall Furniture 

The cozy vibe is best achieved by furniture that doesn’t take up a lot of horizontal space. Taller pieces are a better choice because they take up less room and make the space feel more enclosed and private. There’s also more room to pile on pillows and blankets, which always help create a cozy ambiance. 

Fluffy Rugs 

Nothing quite says cozy like a fluffy, soft rug. The great thing about having a small space is that you need a smaller rug and it’s, therefore, easier to afford a really great rug. We suggest you choose something that is dark to make it easier to clean. 

An Umbrella 

Umbrellas add a top to your patio space that helps it feel more private and therefore cozy. They are a great opportunity to add a ton of colour and personality to the space. Try to choose a large umbrella that will offer enough shade for all of the furniture beneath it. 

Want to create the coziest ambiance for your outdoor living space? Look no further. At Oakville Home Leisure, we are here to help! Contact us today! 


Outdoor patio furniture

Fairy Lights 

The cozy ambiance is much improved by a string of small lights throughout the space. Fairy lights are not meant to cast enough light that you could read by them, but just enough to create an atmosphere that you enjoy. Supplement them with larger lights for safety or for when you need to see more. 


Tall plant pots next to seating can help with that enclosed and cozy feeling. For some extra points, consider plants that have soft textures and can complement your rug and throw blankets. Mosses and ferns are a good choice. Or, choose succulents for the smooth texture that can contrast the soft ambiance instead. 


Make your space more welcoming and cozy with a dedicated scent. Try scented candles with warm, comforting smells like baked apple pie or cinnamon sticks to enhance that cozy feeling. This is particularly great if you’re enjoying your cozy spot in the fall. 

What about the other senses? Try adding natural sound with a water or fire feature to bring the coziness up yet another notch. 

A cozy patio can make your outdoor oasis have more of a homey look and feel. To learn more about patio furniture or to shop for accessories for your patio, contact Oakville Home Leisure today. 



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