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Your outdoor living space just will not be complete without a wide assortment of plants growing all over. An outdoor area without plants looks empty and lacking in life and warmth. A little bit of green and a few blooming flowers can go a long way to making a space feel inviting.

Different plants require different sizes of planters. You will also want to vary the size of your planters to create visual interest and variety. With this in mind you can choose from planters of the following sizes:

  • 33 inch
  • 25 inch
  • 17 inch
  • 13 inch

These are large planters meant to be set on the ground around your home. They can be set anywhere to add that little extra splash of life that really brings energy to a scene. You can set them up on a patio where plants can’t ordinarily grow due to paver stones covering the ground or next to the pool to create a tropical setting with plants that can’t survive the winter. These plants can then be brought inside to brighten your home during the dreary winter months.

Flowers are the most common plants grown in these planters, but you can also grow small shrubs and trees. Even vegetables can grow in one of these planters, offering you a sustainable food source right next to where you cook. Grow potatoes right next to the grill you’ll cook them on!

Choosing to purchase one or two can create a little green space. Buying many can allow you to build a little mobile forest that starts to bridge the gap between home and nature. Imagine relaxing in your own little piece of nature that you grow, care for and arrange the way you want.

Browse the product descriptions above and see what size fits you, or contact us at Oakville home Leisure today to find the right planter for your home!