Hot Tub Mental Health and Wellness Benefits   

Woman relaxing in hot tub

Whether or not you’ve bought a hot tub for hydrotherapy, you’re likely to see plenty of health benefits from spending time relaxing in the hot, bubbling water. There are many demonstrated mental health benefits that you may be able to get too. Here are some of them. 

Muscle Tension 

Hot water relaxes your muscles, after the initial adjustment period. This can help you with a wide range of muscle pains and soreness. Or, it can just make healthy but tired muscles feel a lot better. In fact, if you get tension headaches, stepping into the hot tub can help you reduce their severity, especially if you can get in just as your feel one coming. 

Better Sleep 

When you relax in high temperatures, you’re likely to have a better sleep at night. Try taking a dip right before bed and you may be able to trigger REM sleep, the truly restful phase. Of course, getting better sleep can also improve your mood and your overall health. 

Arthritis & Back Pain Management 

Many people with arthritis seek hot tubs out to manage their pain, to increase their range of motion, and preserve strength. Even just doing your regular exercises for arthritis in the hot tub can help motivate you to complete them and feel better. 

For many of the same reasons, people with back pain may find that they find relief in a hot tub. The water will at least take pressure off your back. Depending on your back pain type though, you may find ice is more comforting. It’s definitely something to explore before you jump into a hot tub while you’re having a pain flare-up. 


Initial research has found that sitting in a hot tub may help those with diabetes better manage their condition. The warm water can reduce the amount of insulin that they need to use by up to 18%, with regular use. It can also improve their sleep patterns, a nice side benefit. 

Hot tubs are great for families and for enhancing your mental health and wellness. To learn more about hot tub, contact our team at Oakville Home Leisure today! 



Outdoor hot tub on the balcony.

Healthier Skin 

While taking a hot shower can strip your skin of oils, soaking in hot water is beneficial for the skin. That’s because it improves blood flow, so that your body can better deliver blood, nutrients, oxygen and everything the skin needs to the very surface of your skin. The result may be healthier, glowing skin. 


Sitting in a hot tub will lower cortisol and other stress hormones while boosting endorphins and other feel-good hormones. Your mental health can see significant benefits, especially if you feel like you’re over-stressed. 

Searching for some help with your overall well-being? Hot tubs can be great for relaxing and decompressing after a stressful day. To learn more about how hot tubs can benefit you and your family, contact our team at Oakville Home Leisure today.