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Written by / May 2, 2022 / Posted in Patio Furniture

Cozy Ideas to Transform Your Apartment Balcony

Your balcony invites the indoors to your apartment or, more often than not, serves as a fire escape. Modern apartments have small balconies that can be hard to decorate beautifully. But your balcony doesn’t have to be a curse. 

Royal touches with accent lighting and greenery can transform your simple balcony into a chic spot. We have curated some cozy ideas to transform your apartment balcony into an elegant space. 

1. Spruce Up Your Floor 

Interlocking deck tiles provide a much-needed facelift to your balcony. The rental-friendly solution adds personality and colour to plain-looking concrete floors. Choose your desired colour scheme for the tiles and install them. 

2. Renovate Your Vertical Space 

 Is space a problem? It shouldn’t be. Adding ethereal elements and planters to your vertical space exudes an elegant vibe. You can create mini bookshelves for our nerdy friends to double up as display cases for art pieces. Remember, simple is elegant. Do not go overboard with customizing your vertical space. 

3. Add a Hammock 

 Who said sitting on your balcony has to be on chairs? Modern-day apartments economize space, and a couch won’t always fit. A hammock utilizes the space and creates a laid-back vibe. Hammocks are small space furniture that every city balcony should have. 

4. Light It Up 

 Accent and task lighting improve your patio even more than small-scale renovation. Lanterns and fairy lights are common in many high-rise apartments. Intersperse the fairy lights with greenery for an elegant twist. 

5. Add Sofas 

If you are lucky enough to have a spacious balcony, you’ll need to make it the best. If you are looking to curl up with your spouse or soak in the morning sun, you’ll need a comfortable sofa for your bum. A wooden sofa topped off with throw pillows is the ideal sitting space – bonus points if you find foldable sofas. 

6. Design Your Balcony for Dinner Alfresco 

What’s better than dinner with friends? Dinner with friends on your patio. A blend of lighting and strategically placed tables and seats provides exceptional ambiance to elicit good vibes. A minimalistic approach to dinner alfresco is the best for high-rise apartments. 

7. Add Colour 

Vibrant colour schemes can transform a quaint space into a lovely balcony for your home. You can achieve eye-catching patios and terraces using accent lighting, bright throw pillows, and custom tiles. Colour can make your balcony visually appealing if you use the right combos.

8. Include Weather Elements Protection

Summer is here, and you may not see the need for balcony umbrellas, draperies, and panel boards. But as autumn kicks in, you’ll feel the need to protect yourself and your balcony furniture from the onslaught of wind, snow, and scorching sun. Invest in weather-resistant yet stylish boards and glass barriers. 

9. Include Flowers 

Flowers and herbs are natural additions to balconies that break city apartments’ monotony and provide fresh scents. You can never go wrong with hibiscus and some chrysanthemums on your balcony. You can use flower pots or hanging planters to build your balcony garden. 

10. Install Artificial Turf 

Hide your crappy-looking balcony floor with artificial turf. Artificial turf exudes the green feeling you would achieve with plants. But even better, the turf can be your kid’s playground. Remember to install barriers around the balcony to keep your kids safe and shield them from your neighbours’ prying eyes. 

Reach out to us to help you decide on the best renovation for your balcony and how to add class to it. Shop now at Oakville Home Leisure for deals on elegant balcony furniture. 

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