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Written by / April 14, 2022 / Posted in Patio & Outdoor Accessories

7 Must-Haves and Accessories for Your Patio

After a few years of having to limit our gathering sizes, we know that many people are ready to finally have the big patio parties of the past that they have missed. Before you call up all of your friends and family for a big gathering, make sure that you’re decked out with all the accessories for your patio you need to have a stylish, comfortable space that will impress them. Here are some must-haves you should consider for the upcoming season. 

1. Outdoor Rugs 

Rugs can define space outdoors the same way that they define it indoors. Create different seating areas and make furniture feel unified with a stylish outdoor rug. You can choose rugs from a wide variety of styles to help create the look that you’re going for with your outdoor patio. You might want to choose a rug first, and then choose other accessories that match one or two of the colours in the rug. 

2. Throw Pillows 

Sitting outside can be quite comfortable with throw pillows. While we love leaning against them, we do have to admit that most people add in a throw pillow or two for the style. Throw pillows are a great way to experiment with new pops of colour and new styles without making a big commitment. If you don’t like them, just swap them out. 

3. Poufs 

It can be hard to have enough seating for everyone on the patio. Poufs are a stylish way to add more seating without actually having to make room for a new patio couch or chair. You can get poufs to match your throw pillows or in neutral colours so they blend into the background. 

4. Planters 

What is a patio without planters? The joy of having an outdoor entertainment space is seeing and even touching the greenery all around you. Planters can bring favoured plants up close to the patio for colour, smell, and sheer joy. Don’t forget that the planter itself is décor. You can get them in a wide range of colours and textures. 

5. Glassware 

Having a set of outdoor glassware is convenient to serve drinks outside without always popping into the kitchen. Plus, as outdoor glassware isn’t your everyday set, you might want to take some stylish chances. Consider rainbow tumblers that shine all colours of the rainbow. Or tumbler sets with unique textures. It’s all for fun. 

6. Protective Covers 

This one isn’t so much for fun as it is for practicality. You should have protective covers to keep rain and sun off your patio furniture when you’re not using it. You can’t always rely on moving the furniture to the shed or inside, especially if you want to have enough furniture to seat a lot of people. 

7. Outdoor Storage 

Outdoor storage is also a practical must-have for a lively patio. Where else will you put all of your new accessories? 

Need These Accessories For Your Patio? We’ve Got You Covered

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