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Written by / June 29, 2023 / Posted in Games Room, Outdoor Living

Transform Your Patio Space with These Premium Outdoor Games Tables

Outdoor foosball table on deck - Transform Your Patio Space with These Premium Outdoor Games Tables

When it comes to enhancing your backyard, Oakville Home Leisure offers an impressive array of outdoor games tables to take your patio to the next level. From engaging ping pong tournaments to friendly foosball competitions, these 3 types of tables will bring the family together for a fun-filled day. 

1. Kettler Outdoor Ping Pong Tables: Robust and Weather-resistant 

The Kettler Outdoor Ping Pong tables, particularly the Kettler Outdoor 10 and Outdoor 6, include everything you need for an epic sunny-day game of table tennis. Some key features include: 

  • ALU-TEC Climate-Control underside that adjusts to weather changes 
  • High impact resin apron cradling the tabletop, preventing warping 
  • Space-saver technology for compact storage and easy transport 
  • Integrated racquet and ball holder for convenience 

These tables, engineered for longevity and optimal performance, allow for engaging gameplay and solo practice, ensuring every player can enjoy the thrill of the game. 

2. Weatherproof Foosball Tables: Bringing Indoor Fun Outdoors 

Your patio could be the new hub for spirited foosball tournaments with our weatherproof Garlando Foosball G500. Made with special weather-resistant materials, this table ensures lasting fun, regardless of weather conditions.  

Noteworthy features include: 

  • Perfectly flat playing surface for fair gameplay 
  • Telescopic rods for added safety, preventing injuries 
  • Smooth operation thanks to nylon bearings fitted with ball bearings 

3. The Classic Game of Beer Pong Outdoors: Jett & Canadian Pong Tables 

The Jett Beer Pong table is a must-have for those who love entertaining. This classic game can be a fun and light-hearted way to bring people together. With its compact design, it can easily fit into any outdoor setting. 

In addition, partygoers also love the Canadian Pong table. Its sturdy aluminum build, water-resistant surface, and compact folding size make it ideal for any event, while its convenient carrying handle ensures easy transport. 

Get Your Outdoor Games Tables at OHL 

When it comes to selecting outdoor games tables, Oakville Home Leisure provides options for everyone. Enhance your outdoor living space and create an entertainment paradise for friends and family alike. Visit us today and let the games begin! 

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