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Written by / July 29, 2015 / Posted in Patio & Outdoor Furniture Maintenance

How to Clean Your Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

Cabana Coast designs and manufactures some of the most elegant, durable pieces of cast aluminum patio furniture you’ll ever see.

But, like all outdoor furniture, it’s exposed to rain, sun, heat, cold, dust, animals, insects and more. If you want to keep it looking as great as the day you brought it home, you’ll have to learn how to clean your cast aluminum patio furniture.

Here’s what we recommend you do this year.

  1. Clean your cast aluminum patio furniture regularly (every two weeks) with a solution of simple dish soap and water. A few minutes of your time will give your furniture years of extra use.
  2. Spray down your patio furniture after heavy use to remove any bits of dirt, spider webs, bird droppings, etc…
  3. Scuff marks can leave your beautiful patio furniture looking tarnished and aged, not in a good way. To remove scuffs, use a non abrasive cleaner specifically formulated for powder-coated products. This is a detailed job, so don’t rush it. Be careful not to damage the finish of your patio furniture.
  4. An easy water and vinegar, 50/50, mixture will give your furniture shiny and protect it from rust buildup.
  5. Don’t leave any cleaner on your furniture. Always rinse with a garden hose and let air dry.
  6. Cabana Coast recommends using Tremclad Clear to protect your cast aluminum patio furniture and help it maintain a shiny appearance.
  7. If you choose a cleaner other than those recommended in point 1, remember not to use alkaline cleaning products. It can cause discolouration.
  8. Invest in patio furniture covers. You won’t have to clean your patio furniture as often to avoid the damages caused by sun exposure.

Your first look at your new furniture 

Want to know more about Cabana Coast patio furniture? Take a look at these great designs:

You can also find cast aluminum patio furniture from other leading designers like Gensun and Ebel on our website and in store.

So stop by today and get the first look at your new patio furniture!

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