2020 Backyard and Outdoor Décor Trends

Outdoor Dining Room Table

In 2020, outdoor spaces, in general, are trending. Backyards are becoming more functional, fun and sophisticated spaces. The emphasis is on new outdoor furniture options, colour trends for fabrics and finishes, as well as new features such as heating and hot tubs. The focus is on extending the season you can enjoy your outdoor space and creating spaces that are more dynamic. Here are some outdoor décor trends for 2020.

Outdoor Furniture Trends

There is a huge range of outdoor furniture options. This year, we’re seeing more emphasis placed on mixing different materials together. That means you might pair wooden furniture with a stone patio. Or, match a glass table with upholstered or rope seating.

We’re also seeing a continuing emphasis on more eco-friendly material choices. Recycled plastic furniture is keeping plastic from ending up in the ocean, so it’s a nice thematic choice for a backyard with a pool or water elements.

If you prefer a more natural and high-end look, teak, when ethically harvested, is another great environmentally friendly option. Plus, this wood makes exceptionally beautiful and long-lasting furniture. Teak doesn’t have to look rustic, it can also look sophisticated and modern.

Outdoor Heating & Hot Tubs

As more emphasis is being put on extending the use of outdoor spaces, many are looking to add heated elements to their yards. This helps you enjoy your yard in the earliest spring days and the latest fall days. Some people will even jump into their hot tubs as part of their Christmas tradition. So, consider adding heated elements, like hot tubs and fireplaces to your outdoor space.

Lit Stone Firepit

Outdoor Color Trends 

More sophisticated outdoor spaces have strong colour palettes that can enhance the rest of the space, instead of just being a collection of mismatched colours and patterns. This year, we’re seeing outdoor spaces move away from bright, sunny colours and into darker tones. There are practical reasons for this change, as darker colours are more resistant to spills, while also making a space seem larger.  

Exactly which dark colours should you consider? We recommend dark blue to match interior décor trends heading towards blue. Or, seeing as this is an outdoor space, you can’t go wrong with a dark green or even a dark orange. Green will match lush spaces, while orange will bring out sunny, terracotta-inspired spaces. 

Ready to bring some of these 2020 trends into your own outdoor space? Your backyard decor doesn’t have to stay in the past. Oakville Home Leisure has everything you need to create a trendy backyard this year.