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Poker cards

Poker cards are regular playing cards of the Ace – King variety. They are not game specific and any deck of standard cards will do. The two most popular playing card brands are:

  • World Poker Tour playing cards for their association with the huge tournament
  • Bicycle playing cards which have been in use for over 125 years

Do not use the same old deck your children use to play ‘Go Fish,’ get a great set of cards set aside for you and your poker buddies!

Poker chips and other accessories

Poker chips are ceramic or molded plastic chips used in lieu of currency. At casinos they are bought with an equal amount of currency to the amount displayed on the chip. For home use they are a way to track who is winning and who is losing without using actual currency. Even better, they are another aspect that adds greatly to the atmosphere of the game when you play at home.

Other accessories that can put your poker table over the top are:

  • Automatic card shufflers
  • Dealer shoes

If you put these on your table you may as well hire a dealer and complete the Vegas feel!

Browse the product descriptions above to start putting your ideal poker room together, or contact us at Oakville Home Leisure today for help.