All Cast Aluminum

Low Maintenance Outdoor Living

Cast aluminum patio dining sets are meant to be used and left outdoors. For busy families who love to entertain and get fresh air, this material is an attractive, yet no-fuss choice.

Low cost

Aluminum is a low cost material because it is so widely available. It is, in fact, the most abundant of all the metals in the earth’s crust. This makes it inexpensive to buy for both the manufacturer and you, the consumer.

Easy to work with

TAnother reason manufacturers love to work with aluminum is that it is incredible malleable. This makes it easy to work into any number of styles nd designs with minimal labour. Lower labour costs result in lower product costs.

Weight vs. strength

Out of all the metals out there, aluminum has the best weight to strength ratio. And out of all the patio furniture materials used it also has the best ratio for weight to strength. This means your furniture will be light and easy to carry and move around while also being strong and sturdy.

Suitability to the outdoors

There is a chemical reaction unique to aluminum that makes it especially beneficial to being used outdoors. This reaction is known as aluminum oxidization and it causes a very thin layer to form over the metal which is undetectable to the naked eye. This invisible layer seals the metal from poor weather conditions, regular use and UV rays from the sun.


The top names in outdoor furniture all produce beautifully designed cast aluminum dining tables. These companies are:

  • Cabana Coast
  • Ebel
  • Gensun Casual Living

Each of these companies offers a wide range of tables that will look great and last for years in your outdoor living areas.

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