Taylor Trouble Shooter Pool & Spa Test Kit

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Tests for: Chlorine, Bromine, pH, and Total Alkalinity.

Depend on the Taylor Residential Series test kits to provide you with the tools, resources and accuracy you need to get pool and spa water maintenance right, each and every time. This comprehensive DPD kit may provide precision and the correct measurements for all of the essential elements of your water chemistry, but it also is incredibly easy to use, so you’re not sacrificing your valuable time to manage your pool or spa. The kit really does the work for you, so you’re free to enjoy your life and your pool or spa.

The Taylor Residential Series Troubleshooter DPD pool and spa test kit delivers the ultimate in speed and accuracy with a comparator that’s ultra easy to read thanks to the molded fill lines. The kit measures a range of parameters critical to your water’s chemistry, including free chlorine, total chlorine, bromine, pH, acid demand and total alkalinity.