Outdoor Décor

Personalizing your outdoor living space is one of the first things most people look to do when the last paver stone is laid, the BBQ is first set to be fired up or the pool is filled and ready. At Oakville Home and Leisure we are always looking for ways to relax you and your guests. Our range of amusing signs and decorative hangable figures, clocks and barometers will be sure to give your guests a chuckle.


These signs are made of a durable resin that can stand up to a little moisture. If your pool parties get a little splashy it may be necessary that they can stand a little water! The types of signs include:

  • Joking slogans with no pictures
  • Illustrated slogans with words and pictures
  • Warm welcoming signs
  • Ornate clocks and barometers

Ease of display

Their lightweight construction makes them easy to hang anywhere! Above the bar, next to the BBQ, by your patio door so guests can see it as they come and go and any other area where you have space and want to entertain guests.

Eye catching

Their bright colours and amusing slogans will catch the eye of those passing and will elicit comments for as long as they are on display. The words and images have been painted in bright and warm summer colours, and the frames typically are framed in bamboo and leaves, a perfect fun in the sun combination!

Browse through the product descriptions above and find the perfect sign for your outdoor living space, or contact us at Oakville home Leisure today for help hitting a funny bone!